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Dragon fruits are becoming popular among Turkish farmers


DATE: MAY 15, 2019  /  MEDIA: FreshPlaza.com

Kumluca, a district in Antalya which is famous for its greenhouse tomato production is now shifting towards dragon fruits.

Producer Bilal Bayram from Beykonak neighborhood removed his greenhouse products and replaced them with dragon fruits. Dragon fruits blossom from early June on. The harvest is expected to start as of July 20. Dragon fruits are becoming popular among farmers since they are more profitable than other products. 

Dragon fruit producer Bilal Bayram said: "I grow dragon fruits in an area of 0,15 hectares. I planted them in June - July 2017. This is our second harvest season.

Currently, our trees are full of fruits. Last year, we started the harvest in July and collected fruits until December. We hope that this season will also be productive."

"Last year, we sold 4 thousand fruits in total. We sold them for 15 Turkish Lira (2,3 Euro) per piece on average. This year, we expect to collect 10 to 15 thousand pieces of dragon fruits. We hope to sell them for the same price again. Dragon fruits are more profitable compared to other greenhouse products. Fertilization, spraying and labor costs are much lower, and the prices of the fruits are higher." Bayram added.


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