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The scale of China's dragon fruit planting has increased 11 times in 7 years. Nearly 80% of imports from Vietnam have become history!


DATE: JULY 23, 2018  /  MEDIA: 中国水果门户

In recent years, China's dragon fruit industry has ushered  the "spring" of great development. According to statistics, since less than 50,000 mu in 2011, it has exceeded 600,000 mu. In just seven years, the planting area of Chinese dragon fruit has surged 11 times. It has caused widespread public debate among the industry. Some people are worried about this. China’s domestic dragon fruit market is likely to have a situation of oversupply. In an interview with the China Fruit Portal, the head of the New Industry Dragon Fruit Planting Professional Cooperative in Bobai County, Guangxi, and one of the main cultivators of “Guihonglong No. 1”, Fu Junming, expressed different opinions. In his view, the expansion of China's dragon fruit planting scale is largely the result of the development and upgrading of the industry. In particular, the entry of some large-scale enterprise groups has changed the situation in which the dragon fruit planting was scattered and inefficient. With the substantial increase in the overall output of dragon fruit, the price of high-quality fruit does not fall, instead, it rises. How to develop a high quality agricultural  is the focus of practitioners in the future.

In Fu Junming's view, the Chinese dragon fruit market has indeed undergone earth-shaking changes in recent years. A few years ago, as a representative of “Southern Fruits”, dragon fruit was rarely known in the northern market. Moreover, because the dragon fruit planting is mostly scattered by farmers, the production efficiency is low, and the quality of the fruit is uneven. Nearly 80% of the dragon fruit in the domestic market needs to be imported from Vietnam. With the economic development and social progress, Dragon Fruit gradually opened up its sales in the northern market and quickly expanded from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities. The increase in sales volume and profit has attracted many large domestic enterprises and group companies to invest in it. It has formed positive significance for the improvement of dragon fruit planting technology, new varieties development, cold chain transportation and fruit preservation, and has played a role in benchmarking.

Fu Junming said that although the scale of domestic dragon fruit planting has been expanding in terms of quantity, the price of high-quality dragon fruit market has not declined. For example, in the early years, the domestic dragon fruit was only 1 or 2 yuan per kilogram because of its poor quality, and some even only a few cents a pound. Now the situation is different. The good fruit must be 6 or 7 yuan a pound. This is undoubtedly the result of quality improvement and industrial transformation and upgrading.In terms of varieties, according to Fu Junming, the new dragon fruit varieties represented by Jindu, Dahong and Guihonglong , in terms of sweetness, fruit shape, shelf life and freshness, are all improved. Compared to the Vietnamese dragon fruit, also has unique advantages. For example, the "Guihonglong No. 1" dragon fruit, which was jointly cultivated by the experts of the Horticultural Research Institute of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of Bobai County, has a large fruit shape, high sugar content, good taste and storage resistance, suitable for long distances, which have become an excellent variety of "Southern Fruit North transport". Once the above-mentioned boutique dragon fruit was launched, it quickly occupied the market and successfully regained a lot of market share from the “hand” of Vietnam Dragon Fruit. When talking about the future, Fu Junming proposed that a “agricultural boutique” route should be taken out. The so-called "fine" is "excellence", does not require "more", but "fine" and "fine." The so-called "product" refers to "quality" and "brand". Committed to producing better fruits, creating your own brand, and developing in this direction, there is always something to gain.

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